Sriwijaya Crimen and Legal Studies

Sriwijaya Crimen Legal Studies (SCLS) is a peer-reviewed journal managed by Criminal Law Department Faculty of Law, Sriwijaya University. The SCLS journal is published twice a year in June and December. SCLS was first published in June because the anniversary of the Sriwijaya Kingdom is in June. SCLS accepts journals only in EnglishWe prefer the use of American English for the manusript.

It is hoped that the SCLS Journal become a scientific tool for all researchers and academics from around the world to publish their thoughts and research results through electronic publications in the form of journals.

The naming of SCLS from "Sriwijaya" as one of the greatest kingdoms in Indonesian history which become one of the pride Palembang city and people. Besides that, the Faculty of Law, Sriwijaya University also has an international journal called Sriwijaya Law Review (SLRev). Then SCLS journal will continue to always take serious effort to develop the journal by bringing original elements of Indonesian history and the proud of Faculty of Law, Universitas Sriwijaya.

The term of "Crimen" means that this journal focuses on the development of criminology or crimes that occur in various aspects of society. Then the phrase "Legal Studies" means that this journal is also open to various research in other fields of law as long as it is still relevant to the existing scientific developments.


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