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Sriwijaya Law Review known as the SLRev is an international journal published by Faculty of Law, Sriwijaya University. It launched on January 31, 2017 and inaugurated formally by Rector of the University of Sriwijaya. From the establishment SLRev has published a legal periodical publishing scholarly and authoritative articles on legal issues of current importance to both academic research and legal practice. SLRev has a national and international readership, and publishes refereed contributions from authors around the globe (Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Europe). The journal also publishes a review article (only for selected or invited authors) containing critical notices of recently published books.

The journal is a peer-reviewed journal which aims to publish new work of the highest calibre across the full range of legal scholarship, which includes but not limited to works in the law and history, legal philosophy, sociology of law, Socio-legal studies, International Law,  Environmental Law, Criminal Law, Private Law, Islamic Law, Agrarian Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, Civil Procedural Law and Adat Law. All papers submitted to this journal should be written in English. Principaly, the journal's editorial policy is to favour contributions which will be of interest to a wide cross-section of its readership - contributions which, if specialised, nevertheless serve to bring out matters of broader interest or importance within their specialisation. However, articles which are not included in the area of law and social sciences are not covered and out of the scope of this journal.

The Editorial Board shall not be responsible for views expressed in every article.

Journal TitleSriwijaya Law Review
ISSN: ISSN 2541-5298 (print) | ISSN 2541-6464 (online)
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Editor in Chief: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mada Apriandi, SH., MCL
Executive Editor: Assist. Prof. Nurhidayatuloh, SHI., S.Pd., SH., LL.M., MH., MHI
Frequency & Publisher: 2 issues per year (January and July) | Faculty of Law Universitas Sriwijaya
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Starting from Volume 4 Issue 1, January 2020, Sriwijaya Law Review will use a new template and reference manager is an obligation in this template, such as Mendley. Please use Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition (full note). The template can be downloaded here.

All manuscripts must be submitted by SLRev's OJS system, here.

Important note:
If English is not your first language, we appreciate it if your manuscript has passed the proofread process by a native or a trusted proofread institution. Do not forget to attach the proofread evidence to the supplementary file when making a submission. Otherwise, your manuscript will be delayed or even rejected after a preliminary review by the editorial team.



SLRev Sinta 1 until Volume 10 Issue 2 year 2026



According to the Decree of the Dirctore General of Higher Education, Research and Technology No. 225/E/KPT/2022, Sriwijaya Law Review will be in the coverage of Sinta 1 until Volume 10 Issue 2, July 2026.


Please find the Decree here.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Management Team 

Posted: 2023-02-04
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Volume 7 Issue 2, July 2023

Table of Contents


I Dewa Gede Palguna, Bima Kumara Dwi Atmaja
Harun Halilović
Febby Mutiara Nelson, Intan Hendrawati, Rafiqa Qurrata A’yun
Erie Hariyanto, Harisa Harisah, Moh. Hamzah, Fatekhul Mujib, Hidayatullah Hidayatullah, Cut Linda Marheni
Ghazwan Abdulhadi Alabdalrahman, Haniff Ahamat, Nabeel Mahdi Althabhawi
Efik Yusdiansyah
Yulia Yulia, Zinatul Ashiqin Zainol, Fatahillah F
Nashriana Nashriana, Desia Rakhma Banjarani, Marwin S Del Rosario, Vera Novianti
Atik Krustiyati, Gita Venolita Valentina Gea
Belardo Prasetya Mega Jaya, Ridwan Ridwan, Rully Syahrul Mucharom, Dwi Edi Wibowo, Siti Nur Aisah, Sulastri Sulastri, Novia Bella Alifvia
Manique Cooray, Jia Chern Lee, Justin Johari Azman